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NamePayoutExpiration Date
LocalSextFling (INTL) (CPL)$2.1512-16-2020
London Holiday (UK) (CPL)$1.0711-23-2019
LongerTermLoans (US) (CPL) (Personal Approval)$42.0011-27-2020
LongUp COD (PL)$15.0008-27-2020
Look After My Bills (UK) (CPL) (Personal Approval)$5.3011-27-2020
Los Videos Mas Hot - Entel (CL) (1Click) (Mobile) (Incent)$0.8511-17-2020
Loveaholics (PL)$0.9009-01-2020
Loveaholics (UK)$1.5508-31-2020
Love Match (AU) (CPL) (Email) (Personal Approval)$4.4609-24-2019
Love Match (NL) (CPL) (Email) (Personal Approval)$4.4609-22-2019
Love Match (NZ) (CPL) (Email) (Personal Approval)$4.4609-23-2019
Love Portal - Zong (PK) (1Click) (Mobile) (Incent)$0.1709-12-2020
Lower My Bills (US) (CPL) (Personal Approval)$10.2008-31-2019
Luckstars Casino (UK) (CPL)$1.7003-09-2021
Lustagenten (DE, AT, CH) (CPL)$4.4009-07-2020
Lustylocals (AU) (CPL)$1.9012-22-2020
LuxSmooth - Nutra (ALL) (CPS)$8.0001-03-2021
Lyft - Driver Program (US) (CPL) (Personal Approval)$8.0708-26-2019
M&M (DE) (CPL)$1.7002-03-2020
M&S Christmas Gift Card (AU) (CPL)$1.4512-22-2020
M-Tutor - Etisalat (NG) (1Click) (Mobile) (iFrame)$0.2509-26-2020
MacBook v2 (FR) (CPL) (Trial) $21.2510-31-2019
MAC cosmetic (AU) (CPL)$1.9002-20-2021
MAC Flash Player (CA) (MAC) (Desktop)$2.1211-26-2019
MAC Flash Player 1 (US) (MAC) (Desktop)$5.4411-22-2019
MAC Flash Player 2 (CA) (MAC) (Desktop)$2.1211-27-2019
MAC Flash Player 2 (US) (MAC) (Desktop)$5.4411-23-2019
MAC Flash Player Exclusive 1 (UK) (MAC) (Desktop)$2.7011-24-2019
MAC Flash Player Exclusive 2 (UK) (MAC) (Desktop)$2.7011-25-2019

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